Author – Benjamin Ogden

Hello, I’m Benjamin.

I’m not your average individual, although I love helping all people and uplifting humanity to my best ability.

I’ve been working full-time in iGaming reviewing web-based casinos since 2001. So when it comes to online casino experience, there are few people in the world that have been doing it as long as I have.

In fact, there is only one casino affiliate in the world that has been doing this longer than me (that I’m aware of anyhow), shout out to Bryan Bailey, aka Casino Meister!

Then when it comes to actually gambling, I’m a veteran in this area too, having played blackjack for money going on 29 years now.

On 2pt. I’ll be writing super-high quality content that creates a new approach to how content should be created, organized, presented, etc. 2pt. is not an average blog or news site either. I’m committed to bringing together informational knowledge graphs using machine learning and deep learning as a data-driven approach to formulating unique insights alongside key facts and statistics.